Darwin Fish

This article lists the top ten fish you might catch in Darwin, Australia, as well as gives you a brief overview of a few that have a reputation for being a prize catch.

Darwin is a popular fishing destination that is considered by some to offer the best fishing in Australia. Not only is the area […]


Barramundi – well that’s the main reason people go on charters in the Northern Territory and it is so popular that there are even fishing competitions like the “Barra Nationals” in April/May. One of the biggest problems with going for Barra is the weather. When the wet season is in full swing getting access to […]

Darwin Fishing Report

This could be your report or your promotion of your business for free. We want to showcase different local businesses to help the visitors to our site. All you need to do is just contact us if you would like to contribute and get some free advertising or show off how big that fish […]

Fishing Shady Camp


Fishing Shady Camp (Northern Territory) Opening – 1 February 2011

When I first fished the Northern Territory in 1999 and caught my first Barra (a 68cm in Howard River, Shoal Bay), it didn’t take me long to work out that the holy grail of Barra is to join what’s commonly known as ‘The Meter […]