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If you are visiting Darwin and love fishing as much as we do, then why not join a Darwin fishing charter adventure. You can contact an expert team of local Territorians to organise a fantastic fishing experience tailored to suit your specific needs and budget.

You can fish for the legendary “barra” in some of the Northern Territory’s spectacular rivers; catch famous Territory muds and see crocodiles and birds in their natural habitat. You can also do a bluewater charter, deep sea reef fishing or challenge your skills on a sport fishing charter. The options for fishing around Darwin are just about as good as it gets anywhere in Australia.

The team at Dundee Beach Fishing Charters are well renowned as one of the best operators in Darwin and have a good reputation for delivering results for their clients.


Below are all the other fishing charter companies we know of in Darwin.

Fishing Charter


WWW Phone Number Book Now 1/2 DayTour Full DayTour 2+Days
Arafura Blue Water Charters www (08) 8932 3006 n/a $149 $350 Yes
Big Barra Fishing Safaris www (08) 8932 1473 n/a No Yes Yes
Cannon Charters www (02) 4423 4125 n/a No No Yes
Daly Barra Busters www 0487 244 421 n/a No Yes Yes
Darren’s Northern Territory Barra Safaris www 0418 847867 n/a No Yes Yes
Darwin Barra Fishing Tours www (08) 8931 0031 n/a No Yes Yes
Darwin Bluewater Charters www 0418 859686 n/a No No Yes
Darwin Fishing Office www (08) 8941 6122 n/a $140 $260 $1150
Darwin Harbour Fishing Charters www (08) 8986 7207 n/a $160 $260 No
Darwin Red Devil Charters www 0437 166334 n/a $130 $250 No
Darwin Reef ‘N’ Wrecks www (08) 8941 6122 n/a $130 $250 $1150
Darwin’s Barra Base www (08) 8945 0376 n/a No Yes Yes
DNA Barra Fishing www (08) 8932 4219 n/a No Yes Yes
Equinox Fishing Charters www (08) 8942 2199 n/a Yes Yes Yes
Ezy Duz Fishing Charters www 0407 977450 n/a No Yes Yes
Fish Darwin www (08) 8985 5898 n/a $130 $3000 $940
Fish the Top End www (08) 8945 7686 n/a from $135 from $240 from $1200pp
Hotspot Fishing Tours www (08) 8983 1544 n/a No $250 $450pd
Hully’s Fishing Tours www 0422 238525 n/a No Yes No
Humbug Fishing www 0438 026873 n/a No Yes Yes
Labelle Fishing Tours www (08) 8978 2330 n/a Yes Yes Yes
Melville Island Lodge www (08) 8978 3664 n/a No Yes $2695
Munupi Wilderness Lodge www (08) 8978 3783 n/a No Yes Yes
N.T. Fishing Office www (08) 8985 6333 n/a $90 $165 $1440
Obsession Fishing Safaris www 0439 816931 n/a No Yes No
Ocean Express www (08) 8945 7686 n/a No No $4500
Paradice Fishing Tours www (08) 8975 9705 n/a No $500 No
Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge www (08) 8978 8914 n/a No Yes Yes
Reel Screamin Barra Fishing www 0427 474 434 n/a No Yes Yes
River & Reef Fishing Charters www 08 89457686 n/a No $300 Yes
Shoal Bay Sportsfishing Tours www 08 89834034 n/a $180 Yes Yes
Territory Fishing Tours www ? n/a ? ? ?
Territory Guided Fishing www 0432 011 295 n/a ? $300 $600
Top End Barra Fishing www (08) 8983 2280 n/a No $285 Yes
Untamed Fishing Adventures www 0431 141748 n/a No $300 $585pd
Viv’s Barramundi & Sportsfishing Safaris www 0428 877607 n/a No No Yes
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Trip Length – We understand that a ½ day Darwin harbour sunset cruise is totally different from a ½ days dawn Barra trip so these prices are what the fishing charter companies want listed. So it is a little hard to compare so go into the fishing charters company webpage for more details.

Reel Screamin Barra Fishing – Darwin, Australia


Reel Screamin Barra Fishing are based in Darwin, Australia and offer a variety of Barra Fishing Safaris in the Northern Territory. You can Get more details here
You can book online or see their availability on the calendar below.

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