Barramundi – well that’s the main reason people go on charters in the Northern Territory and it is so popular that there are even fishing competitions like the “Barra Nationals” in April/May. One of the biggest problems with going for Barra is the weather. When the wet season is in full swing getting access to the areas famed for Barramundi can be hard to nearly impossible. Most of the fishing charter companies operate all year round because there are opportunities but like everything the best starts with the run off (when the water leaves the land) at the start of the dry season.

Barramundi are a famous fighting fish best caught on lines with lures, nets don’t work so well in fresh water streams and there is nothing quite like the one on one fight. Being harder to catch makes it more fun and the bigger the better. Every fisherman will certainly make sure everyone knows if he gets one over 1m!

From a more geeky point of view I prefer to eat Barramundi caught in the ocean as they don’t have that “muddy” taste. Also Barra caught yourself tastes 100 times better than when it is caught by others. That said it is not the best fish out there but there is a real reputation around Australia about how good they are for eating but that is not my opinion. I also read that Australia actually imports Barra due to the restaurant demand. Unlike in shops restaurants don’t need to say where the Barra has come from!

Food for thought but nothing beats a BBQ barra at your camp with a cold beer – especially if it is over 1m and caught by yourself. End of dream…back to work.

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