Darwin Fish

This article lists the top ten fish you might catch in Darwin, Australia, as well as gives you a brief overview of a few that have a reputation for being a prize catch.

Darwin is a popular fishing destination that is considered by some to offer the best fishing in Australia. Not only is the area flowing with beauty, there are hundreds of different fish species lurking beneath the waters.

When you launch your boat off the dock in Darwin, you can expect great fishing opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or plan to charter a boat using a guide, the marine life is plentiful, almost guaranteeing a successful adventure. But what fish are you likely to catch?

Barramundi (Giant Perch)

There is one type of fish in particular that fishermen yearn to catch. It’s known as the Giant Perch, or the Barramundi. They’re found in several bodies of water around Darwin, depending on the season, and can be caught in large numbers. Although, they’re known to be combatant, this adds a little excitement to the undertaking.

Golden Snapper

Another fish that is popular among fishermen is the Golden Snapper. It’s sweet to the palate but is also known to hold its own. It’s a large fish that can provide a small feast, but it’s the challenge in the catch that gets sportsmen excited.

Black Jewfish

These fish are known as tough fighters. They are considered a real prize since they can be tricky to hook. They have a reputation of putting up a struggle and moving into catchy rock formations to escape being caught.

What other species of fish can be caught In Darwin?

Although there are hundreds of different fish to be caught in Darwin, the following are some of the more common species:

  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Coral Trout
  • Golden Snapper
  • Tuna
  • Giant Trevally
  • Queenfish
  • Cobia

The list doesn’t stop at the ten species of fish mentioned in this article. Darwin has an abundance of marine life, so visit soon and bring your appetite…for adventure, and for fish!

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