Veritas Nanotech


The Territory has long been a mecca for trophy fish and the tackle that is required to tame that fish of a lifetime has evolved from the heartbreaks and frustrations of monsters lost to inferior products. Fortunately, the space age has come to the rescue and now, tackle failure is, or should be, a thing of the past.

Todays anglers are blessed with lighter, stronger, faster, deeper, more sensitive, tougher, rods, reels lines, lures and all the rest that goes into the tackle kit.

Weight has always been a bugbear and long sessions spinning with overweight gear that was required to maximize the pulling power of rods is now a thing of the past. Enter the ABU Veritas range of rods with Nano technology.

Nano is a word often heard but seldom understood. In simple terms it is the use of micro particles on an atomic scale embedded into the base material to provide a greater degree of strength. The trade off for fishing rods is a lighter rod that can potentially pull harder with less likelihood of breaking! Benefits all round – less fatigue casting over long sessions, confidence in the power of the rod and security knowing that used correctly, the rod will do more than any rod has ever done before without failing.

This doesn’t mean you can now high stick under heavy drag pressure but you can short pump with more drag applied and shorten those fight times or bully fish out of cover that would have stopped the fight in it’s tracks.

The Veritas series will comprise 12 models several of which are perfect fits for Territory angling.

The spin models in the 6′ and 7′ lengths will cover the 6-10kg classes perfectly and do all the lure work associated with the top end. The trigger models have two 5’6″ and one 5’9″ model all aimed squarely at the 4-10kg line ranges. The 5’9″ 5-9kg model in particular was developed with input from NT anglers.

Look for Veritas in stores from about Mid October 2010. With a RRP of around $140 for any model and with the awesome technology that is in every rod, the signature look of the pearly white Veritas range may just be the new best thing going around.”

John Bell

Pure Fishing

Soft Plastics and Barra?

Purefishing ( cover an extensive array of products from iconic brands like Shakespeare, ABU, Berkley, Pflueger, Stren and Spiderwire. With a huge range on offer, it’s no wonder that NT anglers find several to be really usefull tools in the quest for trophy fish.

The Barra anglers in particular love the ABU REVO Inshore baitcast reel. And no wonder when you can boast a super drag that with over 20lb of drag pressure, great castability with a variety of lure weights and a tough saltwater tested alloy frame. Add to this the revolution in soft baits, the Berkley Hollowbelly baits are awesome fish takers for many of the estuary species on offer and are really easy to use with the inbuilt paddle tail providing all the action you need. And they are scented for added appeal!

Braid line is a must when targetting barra and the by-catch species around the Top End and Berkley Fireline is still the most sought after for both spin and baitcast reels alike. Sizes 14 to 30lb are the most favoured depending on whether you are lure casting for Barra and the like or chasing bigger things like black jew on baits and jigs.

For the offshore angler, the Top End has a host of great species and the Berkley Gulp soft baits are finding more and more acceptance. All the reef species will eat Jerkshads and Grubs with relish and when combined with the famous Nitro jigs they make a winning combination for cast and retrieve fishing and vertical jigging as well. Gulp has a huge range of colours and shapes that will take everything from Pikey bream, to barra, al the reef species and even Sailfish!

The Shakespeare Ugly Stick is arguably the world’s best selling rod and no wonder when you combine legendary strength and toughness with a range that covers all you will ever need when fishing the mighty waters that the NT can offer. For offshore, choose a rod that is powerful enough yet balanced with your choice of overhead or spin reel and the desired line weight. River rods are usually shorter baitcast or spin outfits and Ugly Stick have all these covered. Just adda Pflueger or Shakespeare spin or baitcast reel and you are set to go!

The local tackle outlets can advise the best products to cater to your choice of fishing and with so much on offer, you just might end up with an extra outfit or two. But hey, you can never have too much fishing tackle!”

You can purchase these products at all good fishing tackle stores

Top End Tackleworld, 4332 Stuart Highway Palmerston, 08 8932 3006
Top End Fishing Supplies, 420 Stuart Highway, Coolalinga, 08 8983 1111
BCF Darwin, 356-366 Bagot Road, Millner, 08 8948 0099

Tight lines!

John Bell

A billabong fishing tale

The Northern Territory is an amazing place to fish with so many different varieties from Saratoga (not edible) but a great fighting fish through to Coral Trout, Trevally , Salmon, Queenfish, Mackeral, Jewfish, Tuna, Snapper – I could go on forever but my favourite and most other peoples favorite on Darwin Fishing Charters is BARRAMUNDI! Recently I was with some of these guys running Fishing Charters from Darwin at Corroboree Billabong about 1.5 hours from Darwin.

The place is amazing with so much wildlife. You could almost film Crocodile Dundee V or whatever number they are up to here. There is so much wildlife from birds like the Jabiru to saltwater crocs and with a bit of luck some decent sized Barramundi just waiting to be caught. If you don’t want to read any further I only got a couple and they were not writing home about. I guess I could put them through Photoshop and make them twice as big to post here but maybe next time 🙂

After launching the boat I normally head to the upper reaches at top speed but one of the guys I was with said lets try the lilies ( that does not look like it is spelt correctly) just over from the boat ramp. They are a perfect spot for Barra but this time with a plastic lure my mate got a Saratoga on the second pass which was a nice effort. Pity the plastics and Saratoga don’t mix well (= the lures get destroyed. Like kicking a brand new football on a rough bitumen road!).

Anyway the rest of the day was in my favorite area and produced 5 Barramundi all up. 1 ended up on the dinner plate the other 4 are there hopefully for next time. Just a little bigger!

Barra Nationals 2010

Not that long until the Barra Nationals 2010! It is in April so make sure that you have booked your Darwin Fishing Charter operator (if needed) as most of them are already filling up with happy anglers from last year.

The Barra nationals are Australia’s most renowned and largest Barramundi Fishing Competition run by Palmerston Game Fishing Club. This week is the highlight of many anglers fishing calendar and is held on the Daly River at the absolute height of the Barra season, at the start of the Dry Season. The Daly River is 300km from Darwin – not that far by local standards.

The competition is arranged by teams comprising 3 anglers per team and the competition runs over the full week from sunrise to 1700. The scoring is based on length and all fish are released after measuring – to be caught and measured again ?

This is a popular fishing event and there are competitors who have been fishing the river all their life. Many of the Fishing Charter companies have guides who have been fishing the area for over 30 years. This means that there are a lot of people with a lot of experience and they know the river like the back of their hand.. This means that in some of the more popular areas of the river it can get quite busy. Some years there are up to 45-50 boats, but everyone seems to find a place to fish. Nearly without fail fish are caught over 1m which means big points in this competition along with daily prizes given by the sponsors.

Its not all about fishing. At the end of the day the story telling begins. Sometimes it is much like the stories from the Dream Time and with the help of music, fire and beer the fish that got away grow past the 2m mark!

So whilst I have fished the river many times outside the Barra Nationals week nothing beats the week especially with new and old mates.
Don’t miss out. If you don’t have your own means check out the list of Darwin Fishing Charters above and send us the pictures and the stories afterwards.

Tight lines and big fish.